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Dear Yanira,
We are pleased to bring you this special Pentecost 2021 edition of IPC Connections.  
In our editorial article, Dr Jason Hubbard takes us on a valuable journey of learning about this time in the Church's calendar. He introduces it by saying 'As we prepare for Pentecost 2021, I want to highlight ten aspects of Jesus's ascension in hopes that this climactic event will be an important bridge of understanding and inspiration for us linking Passover to Pentecost. Let's give attention to the Ascension!'
Among many difficult situations around the world, our hearts are particularly burdened at this time with the challenges facing India, Israel and Burma. In this edition, we are providing some 'on the ground' briefings along with links to more information and suggested prayer pointers as we seek to intercede for these nations.
It is a time to pray, but it is also a time to participate in making a difference, in whatever ways we can. We are providing some suggested routes for sending financial support to India in the article that follows below.
World Prayer Together | GO Pray seeks to cover Global Outreach Month (GO MONTH) in prayer, as this huge worldwide initiative encourages every believer to be a witness, by sharing the Gospel on a one-to-one basis during May 2021. 
We are already hearing heartening testimonies from around the continents of lives committed to Jesus.  The GO PRAY 2-hour program includes prayers for GO MONTH and prayers for India, China and the Middle East. 
It is now available to watch with multiple language sub-titles and audio translation in 10+ languages along with a prayer guide download.  
A 30-minute special edition is being prepared including some of the many testimonies. Subscribe to the @ipcprayer YouTube channel to be notified when it goes live.
The Global Day of Prayer – Pentecost Sunday Broadcast is a 60-minute program that is being shown around the world on Pentecost Sunday, online, on GODTV and many other networks. Its theme is 'Hope of the Coming Harvest' - a clarion call for the Body of Christ to unite and pray earnestly for the coming harvest. This one-hour celebration of diversity includes key voices from around the world, and opportunities to pray united prayers for justice, healing, restoration, reconciliation, and hope for the nations with a special emphasis on the next generation and families. 
The program is being made available to churches and networks to download, translate and play as appropriate on Pentecost Sunday, May 23rd.  See the final article below for details and a download link.
Hope of the Coming Harvest 2021 - The Pentecost Sunday Broadcast is one of several events taking place under the same theme, of 'Hope of the Coming Harvest' that aim to mobilise united prayer, worship and missions initiatives, contending for the great harvest in 2021. (Luke 10:2) Details of the events taking place during May follow below.
The Global Family 24-7 Prayer Room will be hosting 10 Days Pentecost - a 24/7, 10 Day online prayer meeting with believers from around the world. It runs from May 13-23 and includes two daily teaching times.
The Archbishops of Canterbury and York along with Our Friends at 24-7 Prayer, are launching 'Thy Kingdom Come' today. It is a global ecumenical wave of prayer calling all Christians to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know the love and peace of Jesus Christ.
There are a huge number of national and international prayer and mission gatherings taking place during this season - more than any of our team can recall! The pandemic has brought challenges, but it has also brought unprecedented opportunities as the church has leaped into the world of live-streaming and online meetings. We thank God for the spirit of Luke 17 'oneness' that pervades between each event, as we all respond to the times that we are in, and our common motivation, to make Jesus known across all peoples.
Thank you for continuing to partner with us in mobilising and informing united prayer across nations, denominations, movements, and generations for the fulfilment of the Great Commission.
May we express grateful thanks to Andy Page and the IPC Editorial Team who put this email together each month.
Every blessing,
Jason Hubbard - Director
International Prayer Connect
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The views and opinions expressed in IPC Connections and the articles on our website are those of individuals and our partner organisations. They do not necessarily represent the policies or views of IPC or its individual leaders.
We aim to respect the diversity within the prayer movement and yet embrace our unified calling to mobilise prayer for the nations. (2 Chron 7:14)  If you wish to discuss the appropriateness of any articles, please contact us.
After the resurrection, Jesus taught his disciples about God's kingdom for forty days (Acts 1:3) and then he was "taken up" to heaven (Acts 1:2, 11)...
Prayers for the World
After a year of COVID, it has almost become possible to be desensitised to the human reality behind the appalling statistics – infection rates, death rates, hospitalisations are repeated regularly by governments and news sources, however all these bring with them tales...
The worst fighting between Israelis and Palestinians in seven years intensified this week, as Israeli airstrikes began targeting Hamas offices in Gaza City and militants in Gaza fired rockets at the metropolis of Tel Aviv...
The situation in Myanmar continues to deteriorate. The devastation is highlighted by Khaing Sandi Win Min, First Secretary at Myanmar's Permanent Mission in Geneva and a member of the Civil disobedience movement...
Prayer News and Events
Join millions of people from across the nations for World Prayer Together / GO PRAY. A two-hour program to worship and pray for GO MONTH – a month of evangelism calling every believer to be a witness! (Luke 10:2)...
A number of prayer and missions networks have come together in John 17 unity, with a sense of great expectation of a move of God across the nations and continents in 2021.
Join the movement for a series of global prayer, worship and missional events...
The Pentecost Sunday Broadcast programme video file is now available to be shared and prepared for broadcast across your networks on May 23rd! You can view it here...
Global Family 24-7 Prayer Room
World Prayer Together – All of May – Multiple Language Program & Prayer Guide:
The Jesus Fast / Lou Engle (14 Apr – 23 May)
Prayers on Night of Power (8 May)
10 Days Pentecost (13 – 23 May)
10 Days of Praise & Prayer (13 – 22 May)
Thy Kingdom Come (13-23 May)
Operation World - Praying into the Pandemic (21 May)
The March for Jesus Global (22 May)
GYM 2021 WORLD (22 May)
Global Day of Prayer & broadcast (including commissioning to GO) (23 May)
Caribbean Praise Fest! (28 – 29 May)
GO 21 / Global Outreach Day (29 May)
HOPE Movement 90 Days of Hope (1 June to 29 August)
G7 Prayer Summit, (11-13 June)

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